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A (1 oz.) bottle of OxyShooter™ Concentrate (1 mo.supply)makes 30 OxyShooter™ shots or 60 nutritional drinks.Our Formula also includes: Minerals, Enzymes, and Amino Acids. Take in the morning and evening on an empty stomach

The following research shows clearly that OxyShooter™ Concentrate increases the oxygen content in the body, which results in significant energizing and cleansing effects. OxyShooter™ Concentrate is the Worlds 1st Natural Energy Drink. OxyShooter™ Concentrate, at an optimal dosage of 40 drops per day (athletes), results were:

  • Increased oxygen intake by the body.
  • (V02 Max increased up to 5.0%).
  • Increased energy delivery to working muscles. 
  • (Optimal oxygen delivery achieved by the normalizing of all hematological values).
  • Increased iron stores within the body, critical for endurance events. 
  • (Ferritin levels increased up to 31.3%).
  • Delayed onset of fatigue; and reduced muscular cramps and recovery time. 
  • (Lactic acid accumulation decreased up to 15.0%).
  • Increased economy of movement during endurance performance. 
  • (Heart rate lowered up to 8.0%).