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How to help your body fight it if you do get it. or try to prevent catching it.

Information on covid19 help immune system

If you have been watching the news or reading posts on social media, you know that
Everyone is talking about
Coronavirus as everyone in the media is calling it.

There have been Funny memes, scary scenes and some have basically scared you to panic buy products from supermarkets.

But no one is talking about how to help your body fight it if you do get it. or try to prevent catching it.

BUT, We are today.

We all know at this stage of this tragic epidemic that there is NO cure, but we are sure that the professionals are creating one.

what can we do,
right now
to help ourselves and our own bodies
natural immune system?

Every doctor across the world would
recommend the most natural way.

So here are
Some simple ways to boost your immune system…..

  1. Stop drinking alcohol.
    Alcohol severely lowers the immune system and depletes the vitamins and minerals it needs.
  2. Stop eating processed food.
  3. Stop eating sugar and foods with lots of added sugar.
  4. Eat more fresh vegetables.
  5. Come off your low-fat diet, and start eating more naturally oily foods
    Like fish, avocado and nuts.
  6. Eat more fresh fruit.
  7. Stop Smoking.
  8. Avoid stress.
    Prolonged stress can lower the immune system.
    If you can’t avoid stressful situations,
    then learn how to keep your stress levels low during them.
  9. Do more exercise,
    This helps your body with so much.

The body responds to exercise
by increasing oxygen intake by breathing hard and deeper.

This increase in blood oxygen levels helps the body perform two very important functions.

The additional oxygen permits the creation and release of more energy for the exercise.

The increased supply of oxygen is utilized by the body to remove by-product wastes that are the result of a higher metabolic rate.

A sedentary lifestyle can inhibit the removal of toxic wastes from the body.

There are some valuable tips that will help build your own bodies immune system.

That has bought us to the end of our information video presentation –
How to help your body fight it if you do get it.
or try to prevent catching it.

Be safe. Thanks For watching Designed by Oxyshooter™

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